Device Description

Mostly Search Pinout Tool Kit focuses on the use of service centers for repair and restoration CDMA / GSM equipment such as mobile phones and EV-DO modems.

Search Pinout Tool Kit that is designed specifically to simply the identification of JTAG pinout in places where it is difficult for classical method.

Search Pinout Tool Kit – The perfect companion in a wide variety of terminals coming in for repair to the service centers. It will help save time spent for searching service manual and will serve more customers.

Client Programm Screenshot:

Search Pinout Tool Board allows you to analyze up to 18 contact pads in a short time. You can safely update the software of the microcontroller. USB interface, status indicators and the small size provides a more comfortable work with your device.

Search Pinout Tool Board:

Development and support the Search Pinout Tool Kit is based on the  Microsoft Framework. This solution increases the reliability and stability of the system as a whole.

The client program provides a user-friendly interface. All menu items are simple. Specify the number of contact pads. Start button, and forced to stop, mode selection, “Slow” and “Infinite” search …