Q: How many contacts on the card terminal can be analyzed?
A: The possibility of analyzing 18 contacts on your phone or modem card.

Q: Why 18 and not 30 or 40?
A: Because, in practice, more than half the vehicles on which a search pinouts were on average 7 – 10 possible points of contact, rarely come across machines with 10-12 points, 14 – is even rarer. Which accounted for a maximum of 16 points to scan it.

Q: Do all vehicles may find the pinout so?
A: No, not at all! There are terminals on which the conclusions of JTAG interface just is not divorced, or withdrawn, but are on the saw cut (end) board, where a connection to them is not possible. Also, there are literally terminals uniformly “studded” pads. Elucidation of pinouts on these terminals in this way is not a simple task with time-consuming. There are other difficulties, however, confident in most cases, pinout can be found.

Q: How long does the search procedure pinouts?
A: Time to search pinouts depends on two parameters. First – this is the duration of the preparation phase to the search. Depends on the complexity of construction of a concrete system and the design features of the board. The second is the duration of the search itself, which ranges from a few seconds with a minimum number of analyzed contacts (8) to about 8 minutes at the maximum number of analyzed contacts (18).

Q: What types of processors can work Search Pinout Tool Kit?
A: Search Pinout Tool Kit is designed for use with terminals processor-based company Qualcomm. Also it was used successfully on some processors, other companies (Intel, VIA, Broadcomm, Atmel).

Q: Is there a possibility Updates Search Pinout Tool Kit and will they be paid?
A: Updates client software and firmware of the controller associated with the removal of bugs and adding new features will be free.