Short Manual

Three Simple Step.

1. Disassemble the phone. Determine the likely pinouts of JTAG on the board or on the socket. A schematic sketch them on paper. Check the possible presence or absence of the necessary bridges. Remove unnecessary or close the necessary bridge.Connect the phone board and SPT Board via GND wire.

2. Connect the SPT Board with a computer. Connect phone board to a power source. Turn on the phone, preferably in Emergency. Using the output TEST SPT Board in turns touching each of the proposed findings with the JTAG watching the behavior of the device. If phone consumption is dropped, which means either reset the device, or it off, note the output on paper and remove it from the “Search group”.

3. Except from the “Search group” all “critical” pads (ps_hold, reset) soldered in turn to the remaining pins of SPT Board beginning with the first order. Make sure the unit is turned on, you can start your search.

If the “Search group” contain JTAG pins: TCK, TMS, TDO, TDI, TRST. Search Pinout Tool Kit will determine which of the conclusions phone board represent with pins SPT Board. It also considers the processor ID CODE connected device. Based on the correspondence be noted on paper pin assignment JTAG.

Search Pinout Tool Kit Connector Layout